William Rogers produces both exterior and interior metalwork in a distinctive style all his own. Commissioned metalwork is site specific and designed to suit the space. The textures, patterns, and rhythm of the surrounding elements interact with the form in the development of the design.


Forged steel table with granite top



Design considerations include physical and functional requirements, as well as the work’s aesthetic and spatial relationship to the architectural structure.

For custom metalwork, contact:
828 293 3777

2 thoughts on “Metalwork”

  1. Margaret Sigman said:

    Dear Mr. Rogers, I was reading about you and your apprentices in a recent email from the Center for Craft. I am inquiring about the possibility of you creating a metal artwork for the hearth in our 1972 home in Black Mountain that overlooks the Asheville Watershed and Lake Burnett, named after one of the oldest families in the Swannanoa Valley. (You see it from Craggy Gardens ranger station on the Blue Ridge Pkwy.) I love the idea of commissioning a site-specific piece that would occupy just about the exact center of our home–literally and figuratively–with a backdrop of plain white (painted) brick. I’ve been looking for three years for “something”; right now a rusted Kokopelli is there, and though he’s festive and happy, he’s way too small and of course not part of our Appalachian heritage. If you like, I’m happy to take photos or even better, invite you for a visit. btw, It goes without saying that I love your artwork.
    Sincerely, Margie Sigman

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